jQuery 1.4 is out

jQuery 1.4 is out and the new version looks like a very strong update. Rather than bloating with a lot of new features this release builds on the current strengths of the library. Some impressive performance improvements are also included, and the internals have undergone significant restructuring.

Of the API changes that do bring new features my favourite would have to be quick element construction with an object literal:

var newAnchor = $('<span>', {
    id: 'confirm',
    text: 'Click me',
    css: {
        background: 'red',
        color: 'white',
        fontWeight: 'bold',
        padding: '4px'
    click: function() {
        return confirm('Are you sure?');

14 Days of jQuery has an extensive rundown of the new features and changes in version 1.4.